Sad Reality Of Life

Sad Reality Of Life Send me your h0t pictures! This sentence has ruined the life of a majority of youth today. It is better to have … in person than to share these pictures on social media. At least, you’ll have a mental satisfaction that no one else is watching you like that, in that manner, in that way, which feels disgusting.



It feels great pleasure when it comes to this, but the consequences, the regret, the mental stress from thinking all that, again and again, is unbearable.

Here, no particular gender is targeted, as this youth has normalized this topic irrespective of gender. People ask people, send, and regret.



The youth today feels no shame in forwarding someone’s picture to other people. You never know who all are watching those pictures of yours, that you’ve sent to your so-called ‘trusted one’.

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Keep yourself private, I mean not only your pictures but also your life, your past, your weaknesses. People misuse you at times, you never know who. Okay?