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Job Description
Process / process engineer

The ideal candidate will have a solid experience in developing the new processes in the investment casting industry as well as finished machinery parts and project engineering. Review and analyze the machine capacity review on new capital purchases. Previous experience is a big plus for major projects and cross-functional teams

Basic responsibilities:

  • Support manufacturing, quality, and engineering initiatives have been taken to meet the requirements of customers to meet the sound casting requirements while reducing the time of inventory and manufacturing cycle.
  • Develop, design and implement strong gating and alloy feeding processes while operating under corporate cost and efficiency guidelines.
  • Design and manage effective and productive product tooling using the applicable contraction factors while operating under the Corporate Cost and Efficiency Guidelines.
  • Along with new programs, plan, coordinate and implement all the qualification programs for improving existing programs and processes.
  • Demonstrates assumptions and project engineering activities for part of major projects to optimize or transfer complete processes or manufacturing processes.
  • Provides day-to-day troubleshooting and technical support for site operations.
  • Creation and participation in the work environment in which changes are embraced and cooperation is the foundation of success.
  • The process uses excellence equipment, but is not limited to security and ergonomic improvements, quality improvements, cost reduction and productivity improvements.
  • Full Statistical Analysis of Data for Decision Making
  • Independently undertakes project activities with general instructions.
  • Troubleshoot the issues related to quality of the part, as well as the leadership of changes in the right implementation
  • Recommend and coordinate process improvement activities with manufacturing and quality group (lean initiative, etc.)
  • Ensure the right policies and guidelines are followed when equipment changes are requested to maintain compliance with all regulatory and corporate policies (health, safety, and environment standards, etc.).

Job requirements

To consider for this situation, a candidate should have 5 years of work engineering experience within the investment casting facility.

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