love quotes

love quotes He : Baby, are you ready..?
She : Yes I’m ready love, after all we have been waiting for this for two years..
He : Yes we have a baby…
She : Love, promise me you won’t leave me after taking up my virginity
He : I promise you my baby…
She : Okay love, so we are going to use cond0m, right?
He : Ohhhh!! Baby I trust you and you trust me. So, I don’t see a reason for us to be using a cond0m.
She : Yes love, I trust you.
He : You sure you are ready baby for this?
She : Yes love, I am prepared…
20 minutes later (After …)
He : Wow!! that was great baby
She : Yes my love… it was great!! but I’m in pain now…
He : Sorry!! baby you have to be in pain, because it was your first time doing it
She : Okay love, hope in second time it won’t be painful…
He : Nah! baby second time, it won’t be painful.
(Few days later)
She : Love! I’m pregnant…
He : You what??
She : (crying) I’m pregnant..
(The boy didn’t say anything for a few minutes and then he got up and went to his room and came back after 15 minutes)
He : (On his knees) You know…I have been waiting for this very day for three years… So!!! will you please make me the happiest man in this world? Will you marry me, baby?
She : (Crying) Yes! My love, I will marry you
He : Wow!! thank you baby, I love you so much…
She : I love you too!! my future husband…
Nine months later
The girl then gave birth to a beautiful baby girl…
*A year later they got married*
All Of You Thought He Was Going To Break Her Heart Like Usual!!
*Not all men are the same*