How to Apply Working Visa of Canada Yourself in 2019

How to Apply Working Visa of Canada, How to Apply Working Visa of Canada, Know the reality of applying working visa of Canada

Let’s talk about the real fact of Working VISA in Canada. If you are a foreigner and applying working VISA of Canada from online, like Indeed and any other job portal website, then I would suggest you go elsewhere don’t waste your time. I am not saying negative and I don’t want to discourage you. This is fact and reality.

Individually it’s very hard to get jobs in Canada by searching jobs online. Only those small companies like restaurants are posting their demand and jobs online Job portal sites. You have only 2.5% chance to get a job by searching online. So this is the reason why it’s very difficult to get a job in Canada by searching online.

How to Apply Working Visa of Canada

In Canada, all those companies who hire foreign workers they do not post their job demand on job portal site like an indeed. Those companies who need foreign workers they provide all their jobs demand and vacancies to the Immigration Consultant. In Canada, it’s known as RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant).

RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) are licensed holder, certified and legit met immigration consultant. They have own agencies in different places in Canada and foreign countries as well. All the workers demand of Canada fulfill by RCIC.

So I suggest if you want to apply for a job visa in Canada you must go through agencies. You need to be very careful to apply via agencies because there are lots of fake agencies worldwide. That’s why challenges are big so you need to be careful why choosing agencies.

Lots of workers and student’s from worldwide want to come to Canada through working visa, student visa and any other programs. So what to do for that? If the Canadian company provides their job demand to the RCIC then how can you process? There are lots of ways if you want to come to Canada through a working Visa.

Working Visa of Canada How to Apply Yourself

I want to move to Canada where do I start

  1. If you have qualification and work experience you can apply via express entry.
  2. If you have any family member in Canada tell them to contact the Canadian Immigration consultant.
  3. It’s quite difficult to come to Canada those who don’t have family members in Canada. For Nepali People If you are already in Dubai, You can process from Dubai or Kuwait. First, you can go to Dubai as a work permit holder or any other programs. There are lots of RCIC agencies in Dubai and Kuwait. So you can process from there. Lots of foreigners come through Dubai and Kuwait. Today maximum workers are working in the Canadian Hotel, restaurants, housekeeping and technician.
  4. Search online jobs in Canada – It’s not possible everybody goes to Dubai and Kuwait and process for Canadian VISA. So how can you search Canadian job offer from online? Type “LMIA jobs in Canada” in Google and you will find labor market impact assessment jobs in Canada. Please only apply to those companies who provide positive LMIA .
  5. How to send an application – If you are sending an application to the company make your Resume at ATS format. Do not send only resume, please send covering latter together. Why you want to come to Canada, what you will give to the company, what benefits company will get from you, What particular skill you have, Why you are different from others, all the details you must write in cover latter. If you have work experience you have to send a minimum of 2 references latter which is provided by the company employer.

If the immigration consultant is certified by RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant) then you may process to apply from there. How to Apply Working Visa of Canada Yourself? If our like this information please share with your friends. How to Apply Working Visa of Canada

you will be required to attach the following:

  • Resume / CV
  • Copy of Passport
  • Recent Full-Length Color Photo
  • Copy of Highest Educational Certificate

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How to Apply Working Visa of Canada