Hotel job Vacancies at Abela and Co Careers – UAE-Apply Now

Hotel job Vacancies at Abela and Co Careers – UAE-Apply Now

Abvela and co Hotel job Vacancies : founded 1967 in The United Arab Emirates, Abela and Co has firmly established itself as one of the leading food service management company in the country and a pioneer of its industry in the region. Headquarter in Dubai, Abela & Co have the privilege of serving over 120 prestigious local and international clients, across and array of industries including but not limited to; hospitality, education, construction, healthcare, pharmaceutical, power, manufacturing, shipbuilding, petroleum aviation, IT, Oil & gas, and FMCG. The company caters extensively to segments of the market including; industrial, corporate, hotel staff, educational institutions, oilfield (offshore and onshore), hospital, retail, banqueting, party, events, office and janitorial service.

Hotel job vacancies
Combined with our business in Qatar and Egypt, together with an extensive network of strategically located four central kitchens in the UAE, we produce more than 120,000 food items each day and employ more than 3,000 employees, Who are responsible for providing exceptional customer service in a single day. Honesty, Equal Opportunity, Customer Focus, Service Excellence, Creativity, Flexibility and Corporate Social Responsibility are some of the elements that make us the company of choice for businesses and employees.

Hotel job vacancies
We work extensively in market areas including industrial, corporate, hotel staff, educational institutions, oil field (offshore and coastal), hospital, retail, banquetting, party, events, office and knowledgeable services.

Hotel job vacancies

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 Jobs Tital  Location  Action
Waiter / Waitress  UAE  View & Apply
 Commis Chef (Kenyan)  UAE  View & Apply
 LD Driver  UAE  View & Apply
 Kitchen Equipment Technician  UAE  View & Apply
 Sales Executive  UAE  View & Apply
 Sous Chef for Qatar  UAE  View & Apply
 Nurse (UAE-Certified)  UAE  View & Apply
 Assistant Cook  UAE  View & Apply