Health care assistant jobs Hiring at Alverta Health Services Canada

Healthcare assistant jobs Hiring at Alberta Health Services Canada


Your Opportunity for Health care assistant jobs: – Nursing attendant provides resident care services as an irregular employee under the direct supervision of RN or RPN. As a member of our nursing team, you will show genuine interest and respect for our residents and your residents will directly Use your knowledge, skills and abilities to provide direct care. Includes help with the help of daily life and other nursing related activities in resident care.


Nursing Attendant Hiring at Alverta Health Services Canada

Health care assistant jobs description:

As a health-care-Aid (HCA), you are responsible for providing personal assistance to provide personal assistance, to provide relief and support services to patients (customers, residents) who need short-term support or ongoing support. You have the care of patients, families and care-givers spreading the continuity of care in home, community or health care facilities. Gather will work together while reflecting on the AHS’s shared vision and values, you will play an important role in providing focused care to a safe, quality patient and family.

Classification Health care assistant jobs: Nursing Attendants

Union: AUPE Aux

Department: Galahad CC NH LTC Nursing

Primary place: Galahad Care Center

Multi-site at

FTE: 0.00

Posting expiration date: 05-October-017

Staff: casual / relief

Date Available: 16-October-017

Shift Per Hour: 7.75, 6, 4

Shift length in weeks: Miscellaneous

Changes per cycle: Miscellaneous

Day off: other

Minimum Wage: $ 19.92

Max Pay: $ 24.21

Vehicle requirement: N / A


skills required for Health care assistant jobs:

Eligibility for Alberta Health Services (AHS) Health Care Support (HCA) Qualification Requirements: A certified – using provincial health care cooperative curriculum should be certified as a healthcare ally through Alberta Licensed Post-Secondary Institute. Necessary evidence on hire; Or adequately equivalent – An academic background is considered equivalent to approved provincial health care associate courses. Necessary evidence on hire; Or equivalent – Entered using an provincial competitive evaluation profile tool, rated as an Alberta-enabled nurse enabled. Necessary evidence on hire; Or the candidate must register for an HCA course of Alberta Licensed Post-Secondary Institute using the Provincial Health Care Assistance Curriculum within 155 hours or 6 weeks (whichever comes first), and successfully within 12 months The date of appointment will be completed.

Additional Qualifications for Health care assistant jobs:

As needed

Favorite qualification:

As needed


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