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Group Head Chef Wanted

Role: Group Head Chef
Location: Singapore
Salary: US$65,000 – US$75,000
job Summary
The Group Head Chef will work within the philosophy and mission of our client’s Mexican restaurant. This situation directs activities of the restaurant personnel, such as providing direct assistance to the owner.

Head Chef Wanted

The kitchen makers are responsible for accepting all the ready-made food items.
Suggestions for menu planning and pricing to get the annual financial budget
Monitor food costs and BOH labor costs
Being an interface role responsible for MD’s instructions and vision
Provide leadership to the Boh team

To ensure that the maximum menu is properly calculated to ensure maximum gross profit
Responsible for product selection for the use of menus
Ensure that all the prepared dishes are for the company specification.

To ensure coordination with the FOH management team, to ensure that all meals are presented at one time and in the correct order for service
Implementation and ensure that the company’s health and safety policy has always been completed.
During the scheduled change, coordinate the entire kitchen

Ensure that all kitchen appliances work properly. Identify any repairs and report to the appropriate personnel.
Monitor and monitor all departmental chefs to prepare food for the appropriate service according to the level of sale
Make sure the kitchen runs smoothly every day.

Head Chef Wanted


Provide leadership and direction for many kitchen teams about the issue of operation and process.
Be creative and encourage team creativity
For example, setting speed and standards
Pro-active in solving the problem

Direct recruitment, supervision, development and, when necessary, termination of employees (BOH)
Inspire and motivate the team to receive food for specification and therefore to get sales and benefits.
Identify the training needs and provide training for the motivation and skill level of the chef
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Head Chef Wanted

Contact: William Bates
Reference: Caterer/WB23457
Job ID: 77774307

Head Chef Wanted

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