Flight Attendant and More Gulf Air Careers Opening at Gulf Airline Bahrain

Flight Attendant and More Gulf Air Careers Opening at Gulf Airline Bahrain

Gulf Air Careers: Established in the year 1950, Gulf Air is a proud national carrier of Bahrain’s state. Gulf Air today is one of the most powerful brands in the global aviation industry, as the leading airline in the Middle East region, for over 60 years of experience and expertise in people flying in continents. The airline currently works as the largest network within the Middle East, providing uninterrupted forward connections to international destinations. Gulf air accepts that people are their biggest resource and encourage talented people by making career opportunities for a long time. Welcome to find the most suitable job for you in our list of currently open vacancies.

Gulf Air Careers, National Carrier of the State of Bahrain Founded in 1950, the Gulf Air state is owned by Bahrain, and it is the only right bay in the Middle Eastern region.

Regional, geographic and cultural values ​​that we have embraced in more than half a century are still central to defining their brand and service ethos.

Gulf Air Careers, Gulf Air Bahrain, Our network today spread from Europe to Asia and covers more than 40 cities in 26 countries. This fleet contains 28 aircraft and has the unique advantage of having the strongest network in the Middle East.

Our ship service meets high quality products and services, including innovative, unique and award-winning Sky Chef and Sky [Nannies].

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Job Opportunities in aviation in Bahrain

Job Title Location Action Closing Date
Flight Attendant Bahrain View & Apply 31-Dec-17
Aircraft Technical Cabin Supervisor Bahrain View & Apply 31-Dec-17
Sales Manager:MUX Pakistan View & Apply 12-Oct-17
Direct Entry Rated Captains for Airbus Bahrain View & Apply 31-Dec-17
Duty Manager Thailand View & Apply 09-Oct-17
Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor Bahrain View & Apply 31-Dec-17
Technical Training Instructor Bahrain View & Apply 12-Oct-17
Sky Chef Bahrain View & Apply 31-Dec-17