General Labor Needed at Apollo Farms Leamington, Ontario – Canada

General Labor Needed at Apollo Farms Leamington, Ontario – Canada

Apollo Farms – General Labor (Leamington, Ontario)
General Labor primary responsibilities and Duties:
Responsibilities and duty section is the most important part of this job. Here you should outline the functional tasks that this situation will do regularly, how the job in the organization works and how the job is reported.

Plant bulbs and seeds
Pot and re-pot plants
Maintenance and Crop Scouting Crop for Monitoring Pesticides and Plant Diseases
Introduction to Crop planting, irrigation drippers, increasing media
Cutting, hooking and binding of plants
Lack of Weekly Plants and Status
Dealing and sorting of plant crops
Vegetable harvesting – tomato and cucumber
Packing vegetables in suitable boxes, boxes, etc.
Tear down greenhouse at the end of the year and changes in the setup crop
Transplantation or cutting of roots
Report the symptoms of damage to pests or diseases
Help in grafting activities
Clean work area
Skill requirements

Experience is a capital
The worker shall comply with the company’s policies and procedures to fulfill and follow.
For more knowledge creation and compliance, the workers will be present in all required training as a company setup
To change the worker, there will be a need to maintain flexibility to adapt, such as to switch the gear as necessary
Excellent leadership, organization, accuracy, attention to detail, and the ability to be creative in resolving the problem
48+ hours per week

How To Apply for General Labor

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