Chef Career Opportunities at Narejo Placements – Dubai

Chef Career Opportunities at Narejo Placements – Dubai

Chef Career at Narejo Placements – Dubai is a recruiting partner for multinationals and leading companies who have to emerge as a major recruitment brand at the national level. The main Contributor Price is the state of state-of-the-art technology equipment implemented through Narejo Placements: Dubai National Innovation, exclusive customization and the convenience of ethical and experienced operations and human resources.

Chef Job Description

Stay with industry trends in Dubai looking for an experienced chef and prepare new dishes in conjunction with Sass Chef. Keep an eye on food and labor costs

Chef Career Narejo Placements – Dubai Job Description:


  1. Stay with the trends of the industry and combine with chef chef to create new dishes.
  2. Monitor food and labor costs
  3. Maintain programs for kitchen staff
  4. Manage the staff of the kitchen and repair the food related to meals, cooking and eating meals on time.
  5. Ensure safety and hygiene practices in the kitchen.
  6. Manage relationships with distributors and solve issues instantly with vendors
  7. Job Requirements:
  8. Requires minimum one year experience
  9. Only Men can apply
  10. good communication skills.
  11. high School diploma.

Chef Career Narejo Placements – Dubai

Hospitality industry employs more professionals than almost any other In Dubai, the industry is one of the top three employers every year. Within the area, there is a shocking array of different jobs and different types of work settings that people eat and lodge at resort, restaurant, hotel, casino, and essentially anywhere elsewhere. Cook and chef also work in the food service sector which is more institutional in nature and includes jobs in hospitals, schools, corporate facilities and cafeterias in the municipality

Either way, you are keen to slice it, area kitchen professionals with the opportunity to establish a career location with job security and boundless creative directions.

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