Breakup Lines

To Someone Who Broke Me
I thought I won’t survive, I thought I can’t walk on this struggle. Until I found myself losing all those tears and wearing a smile on my face.
Now I promise myself that this will be the very last time. Last time that I will think about you, Last time that I will waste my time writing something to you. That this will be the last time that I will tell you I love you, I love you but I should love myself first.
You know what???
This will also be the very first time, First time that I will finally set myself free from all the pain you have caused me, first time that I will think about myself and won’t waste my precious self just to put you first, first time
that I will not think about things we have been through anymore, first time that I can finally tell myself ” You can be happy now and You will not feel the pain anymore ” I know it’s hard to believe that I’m okay and it’s been a while since you walked away, Believe me It’s true!
I thought I won’t survive.
But look at me now!!
Still alive and walking free with this life. Finally sees that I’m worthy and am loving myself so wildly So wild that I will never let anyone destroy me, never Wild as a lion that don’t need anybody to be brave.
I am brave cause I survived, I want you to know that you’ll always be on my mind but never in my heart anymore. I want to tell you something so frankly,
“You don’t deserve my love because I didn’t deserve everything you did to let this heart shatter into pieces” I just wanna say sorry for letting you hurt me.
For loving you so much that I forgot it’s not the thing called ‘”Love “ anymore and I’m sorry for all the things I’ve said and done when I didn’t know how to love myself, I hurt me. You hurt me. Maybe the song entitled “somewhere down the road ” says it a We had the right love but at the wrong time, And you were the best crime that I will never regret doing.
There may be times that you will cross my mind, But when that time comes i know it won’t hurt anymore. When I hear your name, I know I will not cry anymore.
When I think about how you left. I know that I can finally smile for myself. Because that is the moment when I can finally accept the shitty truth that you were not made for me and maybe, Maybe I am someone else’s blessing
I’m letting you go now, And I am letting myself welcome back to the happiness that I deserve from now on. Yes, slowly but surely.
I know I am getting over you
I am getting over us
I will be okay
I will be alright
I know I will…
Because I know I can…
You may have destroyed the old me
But you will never have the new me
Not anymore.