About Women’s Life

About Women’s Life, Every woman has a past. Some were physically abused, some had violent parents, some had pubertal issues, some had sexual abuse as a child by their own family members. Some had love stories all messed up. Some had been forced into s.. in the name of love by fakes.
Some had been drugged forcibly, some were date raped, some had been viciously photographed on the bed. Some had been blackmailed by their ex-boyfriend. Some were trapped in an abusive relationship. Some had unbearable menstrual problems.
Some had a broken family. Some had a divorce. Some had an obesity issue. Some had problems in their jobs. Some had drug or alcohol addiction. Some had a few unsuccessful but dire suicide attempts.
If you see a woman, who went through all of these problems but had already wiped up her tears, tied her hair up, masked her sorrows with an eternal divine smile, stood tall and strong above everyone around, started walking towards her future because she still has some hope left inside her
and has not given up on the concept of love that still exists in this world yet, do not stab her with her past. Do not confront her.
Do not slap her with more abuse. Do not add more to her sufferings.
Give way for her and walk beside her. Hold her hands and walk for a while even if doesn’t allow you to do so. Let her realize that there is at least a person in this world who knows her and is trying his hard to support her. You’ll see how sweet her soul is and how strong her hopes are! You’ll be amazed at how she carries herself after all courage and energy have been sucked out.
She need not always have to be only the woman next door or from a different home. She could be your own friend, your own sister, your own girlfriend, your own wife, even maybe your own mother or even someone you have just met.
Do not judge her by her past. Do not treat her the way others did. Respect her, gift her the peaceful future that she deserves. Hold her hands tightly against the world, which knows only to judge. Stick your chest out and let the world know she is not alone, let them know that she has someone looking her back. Give her the love that she always yearned for.